Therapists at HS have learned under world-acclaimed Masters & Teachers:

  • William Lee Rand (USA) Originator of Karuna® Reiki President of International Centre for Reiki Training
  • Melinda Deboer (Sweden) Karuna® Reiki Teacher
  • Walter Lübeck (Germany) Originator of Rainbow Reiki
  • Frank Arjava Petter (Germany) Researcher of Japanese Reiki history & author
  • Hypnotherapists & Teachers:
  • Dr. Sunny Satin, CHt from USA Founder of California Hypnosis Institute
  • Dr Yuvraj Kapadia, CHt All India Head – California Hypnosis Institute of India
  • Dr Neeta Yuvraj, CHt All India Head – International Academy of Life
  • Dr. Ashok Jain, CHt from USA Founder of Quantum Hypnotherapy
  • Dr. Marion Boon from Netherlands TASSO International Professional Training in Transpersonal Regression Therapy
  • Dr Lucy Baker from Australia Medical Intuition & Mind over Matter
  • PyraVastu Expert & Teacher: Prof Dr. Jiten Bhatt from India Founder of PyraVastu
  • DNA & Thetahealer, Researcher & Teacher: Dr. Hitomi Akamutso from Australia Co-promoter of Thetahealing
  • Renowned Tarot card reader Goolie Bejan Daruwala
  • Masters from IGNOU in Clinical Psychology
  • Dr Bruce Fernie  from King’s College London
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