Rashna H Bharucha conducts a Certified two full day Angel Crystal Chakra Therapy (with Affirmations) Workshop. All the participants go through a powerful Attunement process to build up a strong close connection with the Angels and Crystals. Each participant gets a Certificate, a set of 7 Chakra Crystals, the Angel Crystal Chakra Therapy (ACCT) Book and Recorded Meditations (English/Gujarati).

Why us?

Benefits of joining Angel Crystal Chakra Therapy with us are:

Combining 4 very powerful healing tools and mediums like Angels, Crystals, Chakras and Affirmations we have for the very first time devised a very unique, revolutionary, innovative, integrated and non-intrusive healing system with multiple efficacy known as Angel Crystal Chakra Therapy with Affirmations. Angel Crystal Chakra therapy is a simple, powerful and non-denominational healing technique. It involves summoning the individual’s Guardian Angels, Archangels and Spirit Guides along with using Crystals and Affirmations to harmonize and heal every physical, mental, emotional, material and spiritual aspect of one’s life for one’s highest good.

Rashna Bharucha takes the participants on an elevating  spiritual journey through a series of guided Meditations (with Angel Music and Chakra Affirmations) invoking the empowering and healing energies of the Guardian Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and Power Animals. These are:

  • Meditation and Attunement to invoke and connect to the divine, powerful healing energies of the Angels and Crystals
  • Grounding Meditation
  • Invocation of Guardian Angels
  • Invocation of Spirit Guides and Power animals
  • Invocation of Ascended Masters
  • Invocation of Archangels
  • Pyramid of Power channeled meditation from Archangel Michael
  • Angel Crystal Chakra Meditation with Affirmations

These Meditations accelerate the manifestation of Health, Love, Wealth and Happiness in life making the journey of the Soul as a human being on earth Progressive, Joyful, Peaceful, Healthy, Prosperous and Abundant.

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