The wellbeing of an individual depends upon physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance of self with the property (home, office, shop, showroom, factory, etc.), allowing him/her to blossom and also help his/her family, business to grow and get empowered.

With our over 30 years of experience and background in the field of alternative healing, the property healing work or “Vastu Correction” that we at Holistic Solutions carry out, is overall energy cleansing, with empowerment and protection of the property, individual, family and business, using various Advanced Healing Modalities as per the client’s issue leading to speedy results.

We believe good personal and family life, health, wealth, business, finance, success and relationships are every individual’s birthright. This we bring about using:

  1. Pyra-Vastu:
    An art to harmonize the environment by placing pre-charged “pyramid yantras” at appropriate locations to achieve health & prosperity. This energy balancing method is very practical & is used to correct the vastushashtra defects without physically altering, shifting or breaking homes, shops or factories and has brought tremendous results for over years now.
  2. Numerological Empowerment:
    Numerology is a scientific and systematic study of the influence of numbers on us, as every number has its vibrations, meaning, characteristics and influence. The entire universe is composed of mathematical patterns and can be expressed in numbers, which correspond to universal vibrations. These numbers determine our personalities, destinies and fortunes.
    With specialized numerological yantras, we empower the frequencies of the missing numbers, thereby boosting health, wealth, happiness, love and career in individual’s life.
  3. Space Clearing and Empowerment:
    The space around us plays an important role in determining how we feel, our energy levels and contributes to various other factors. If the space energy around us is low, heavy or blocked due to spirits, fragments, black magic, etc. it can lead to slower results.
    We; using advanced energy release methods and convert the heavy, dense, disturbed energy within the environment into positive, lighter, dynamic energy.
  4. Power Animal Invocation:
    Power Animals are animal spirits which are present for every property, giving strength and thereby help inhabitants to move ahead in life with ease. Often at times Power Animals due to certain reasons disintegrate and once these are integrated again, positive energy within the premises gets boosted, which leads to almost immediate positive results.
  5. Inter-personal & Intra-personal Relationship Healing: (optional)
    Healing of inter-personal and intra-personal relations, as well as healing of conflict and trauma at the inter-group level is done.Here we use advanced healing techniques to heal the chakras of the property which also have similar characteristics as our physical/bodily chakras. We also resolve conflicts in social work settings, including in families, between employer and employees, within communities, among friends, between co-workers.

Effective Vastu can be sensed, felt and experienced.

We also provide Vastushashtra guidance during the planning stage of the property in consultation with architects / interior designers.

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Online / distance healing / consultation is available.
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