We believe good personal and family life, health, business, finance, success and relationships are every individual’s birthright.

With over three decades of using various alternative healing modalities, we at HS believe that there isn’t just one cure or solution for an issue, problem or disease, as it depends on various internal (individual, e.g. thinking, feeling, etc.) and external factors (environment, e.g. people, property, curses, black magic, etc.). The individual’s perception and outlook towards it also matters.

We provide customized Holistic Solutions based on your individual issue(s) / problem(s) (physical, emotional, spiritual), using a combination of healing modalities, i.e.: Reiki (Usui & Karuna®), Family Constellations, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy, Angel Crystal Therapy, Tarot / Oracle Card Reading, etc.

We specialize in overall energy cleansing, empowerment of the individuals, inter-personal and intra-personal relations, as well as healing of conflict and trauma at the inter-family level, streamlining energy flow, helping individuals, to refocus on the priorities of life, and be more productive.

You have the PROBLEM, We have the SOLUTION (resolutions / healing).

Kindly contact Holistic Solutions for Harmony, peace, prosperity and happiness which can be sensed, felt and experienced.


Online / distance healing / consultation is available.
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