Holistic Solutions instituted for the purpose of educating, encouraging and supporting people on their quest for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and development. It is an organization with the mandate to provide vocational training for the welfare of society and has positioned itself as a pioneer and premier organization delivering quality and consistent education for over 2 decades, in the area of Alternative healing therapies in India, to offer certification courses such as Reiki (Usui and Karuna®), Tarot Card Reading, Angel Crystal Therapy with Chakras and Affirmations and Vastushastra, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy including Past Life regression therapy, in English, Gujarati & Hindi.

These Alternative Healing Modalities help to empower important areas of life like Finance, Health, Academics, Peace, Happiness, Success, Self and Spiritual growth, Work and Home.

In order to further this mission of, Holistic Solutions has created a pool of healers and teachers dedicated to promote alternative healing methods, spiritual and holistic lifestyle, to ease suffering and provide safe and reliable remedies sometimes even for chronic diseases that do not have a medical explanation and solution.

We welcome and encourage you to learn Holistic Healing Techniques for an overall empowered environment.

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