A cohesive unit can yield wonderful progressive results but, problems of miscommunication, trust, understanding and leadership can erode the synergy of the group affecting performance. This can be due energetic blockage(s) which are normally beyond recognition.
In a good energetic structure energy flows easily and people within the organization are productive and creative; poor energetic structure can have poorly defined goals, role confusion, lack of communication, feelings of hurt, misunderstanding, conflicts, stress, fatigue, inertia and inappropriate behaviors, making it difficult for people to focus on their jobs, leading to slow processes, delayed output, requiring multiple interventions.

We specialize in cleansing blocks, streamlining energy flow, helping individuals, departments, to refocus on the priorities of the organization, work together in synergy, and be more productive.

With our over 30 years of experience and background in the field of alternative healing, we at Holistic Solutions carry out overall energy cleansing, empowerment of the individuals, inter-personal and intra-personal relations, as well as healing of conflict and trauma at the inter-department level, using various Advanced Healing Modalities as per the organization’s issues leading to synergetic work process.

We believe good personal and family life, health, business, finance, success and relationships are every individual’s birthright. This we bring about using:

  1. Inter-departmental & Intra-departmental Relationship Healing:
    Here we use advanced healing techniques to heal the chakras of the organization which also have similar characteristics as our physical/bodily chakras. We also resolve conflicts in work settings, between employer, employees and co-workers.
  2. Space Clearing and Empowerment:
    The space around us plays an important role in determining how we feel, our energy levels and contributes to various other factors. If the space energy around us is low, heavy or blocked due to spirits, fragments, black magic, etc. it can lead to slower results.

We; using advanced energy release methods and convert the heavy, dense, disturbed energy within the environment into positive, lighter, dynamic energy.

Harmonious Energy can be sensed, felt and experienced.

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