The Tarot and Oracle Card Reading method is a very powerful tool for Divination. These cards can be used to analyze problems, clarify the decision making process, or even help you to understand yourself & others a little better. When the cards are used to predict the future they can be uncannily accurate. They work by allowing messages to flow through the cards. They also if interpreted correctly direct your attention to the forces shaping your life path & often present  choices or suggest courses of action. Oracle Cards are a connection with your Higher Self, Angels and Spirit Guides. They help you develop a clearer connection with God, Saints and Angels.

Mrs Rashna H Bharucha is a certified Tarot – Oracle Card reader and teacher and has trained under the renowned astrologer and tarot card expert Ms. Gooli Bejan Daruwalla. She has conducted numerous readings, seminars and training workshops to spread awareness regarding this ancient and mystic art and its significance as a tool of divination.

Why us?

  • Mrs Rashna H Bharucha, uses Reiki, Tarot and Oracle Card reading techniques to receive  guidance from Higher self, Angels and Guides for her clients.
  • Many have benefited from Mrs Rashna H Bharucha’s Tarot and Oracle Card readings for a positive growth in their personal, professional life and to release stress, tension, pressure, anxiety of either the individual /situation.
  • After every reading the problem issues are discussed in detail.
  • Thorough Counseling is done for the problem and simple solutions are also given to every client as per his knowledge and skills; to resolve his issues.
  • In every reading one Chakra Crystal for empowerment is also given to the client as per his/her need and choice.
  • Training includes clear and detailed explanation of each card, its application, different card spreads and their use and follow up for practice and expertise if required.


  • Gain clarity – Tarot /Oracle cards put you in touch with your higher self and your intuition. Once you have that clarity, you will be able to make more responsible choices.
  • Highlight areas that need work— They can help highlight and prioritize the things you should be focusing on right now in order to get the best results in the future.
  • Find peace — By meditating on the wisdom you receive, you will not only find clarity in your present situation, but a deeper sense of peace and calm in your daily life and a healthy and centered mindset.
  • Sharpens your intuition – When you begin to see the cards on a regular basis, you actually begin to trust your intuition more. When you trust your intuition more you get more, and more information from Divinity and the universe that allows you to use it more wisely.
  • Make correct decisions – The cards can provide a snapshot of your present life, and show you a few likely options of where you are headed if you continue on the same path. You can use this information to continue down the road you are on or make a necessary change.
  • Card readings provide you a picture of what the future has in store for you – You would not want to be surprised or be caught off-guard of events that may come. You are able to prepare for what may possibly happen. Such readings also provide you an understanding and clarity of why things happened.
  • Spiritual and Mental health are also among the advantages of readings – This can also be a way for you to release the negative energies that are present within you and pursue happiness and contentment.
  • Relationships are also an important aspect that can be treated by readings-Singles may be given an idea of the kind of person they have to look out for when it comes to relationships. Since people need to be compatible in order for their relationship to work, a reading would help them indeed to find their ideal soul mate.
  • Work and career can also be tackled –Sometimes, you need to get in touch with your inner self in order  to know which career path you must take. Card readings can also help you know what to do when problems arise in your career.
  • Readings are also very helpful especially for people who are coping with the loss of loved ones and family- This can be a very difficult time for everyone and so getting a reading can be very helpful.
  • Improve your life — Never forget the power of free will. If you see something you don’t like about your life in a Tarot/ Oracle card reading, you have the power to change it.

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